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Websites for Fishing Charters

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Website Page Selection

These webpages are available on all our fishing charter websites.

The Essentials

There are the 8 basic webpages that every fishing charter website should have. These pages contain the minimum information needed to book a charter with you. They are the foundation of a an effective fishing charter website.

  • Home
  • Charters & Rates
  • Photo Gallery
  • The Captain
  • The Boat
  • Policies & FAQs
  • Where We Depart
  • Contact the Captain

Charter Pages

Charter Pages go into details about each type of charter you offer. They are custom written for your charter and local area.

On the Fishing Charter Pages, your guests can learn about where they’ll be fishing, the habitat and the various species they can expect to encounter on the charter as well as pricing.  Charter Pages also present interesting information about specialty trips you may offer such as Eco-Tours, Scenic Tours and Family Friendly Trips.

After the Home Page, Charter Pages are the most valuable pages on your website for search engine optimization.  In addition to being informative, the custom content we write is loaded with valuable keywords related to your business and location.

Charter Page Selection

Choose from these Charter Pages or we’ll make a new charter page for you.

  • Offshore Fishing Charters
  • Inshore Fishing Charters
  • Nearshore Fishing Charters
  • Deep Sea Fishing Charters
  • Backcountry Fishing Charters
  • Shark Fishing Trips
  • Night Fishing Trips
  • Kids Special Fishing Trips
  • Group Charters
  • Eco-Tours
  • Scenic Boat Tours
  • Dolphin/Bay Tours
  • Specialty Trips
  • Surf Fishing

Additional Pages

These Suggested Additional Pages contain many useful features that will reinforce the visitors decision to book a charter with you and even add content that will help with search engine rankings.

Suggested Additional Pages

Choose from these Additional Pages or we’ll make a new page for you.

  • Video Gallery – Display your best YouTube Videos right on your website.
  • Reviews – Shortcuts to read and write reviews of your charter business on all major reviews sites plus a Google, TripAdvisor, Yelp or Facebook Reviews Live Feed.
  • Live Review Feeds – Pages dedicated to displaying Google, TripAdvisor, Yelp or Facebook Live Feeds of your reviews. One Live Feed per page.
  • Live Social Media Feeds – Pages dedicated to displaying Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter) or YouTube Live Feeds of your posts. One Live Feed per page.
  • The Fish We Catch – Information on your most popular catches.
  • Seasonal Fishing – Informative pages about fishing in your area during the Spring, Summer, Winter and Autumn.
  • Gifts & Apparel – Sell your hats, shirts and more on your website using PayPal or Square credit card processing.
  • Gift Certificates – Sell gift certificates for your charters.
  • Family Friendly Fishing Trips – Pictures and information about the boat, captain and fishing that makes your charters especially suited for families with kids.
  • Hook & Cook Fishing Experience – Pictures and information about your favorite nearby seafood restaurant that will cook their catch after the charter to makes a great day fishing even better!
  • Special Services – Promote special services you can provide from trophy fish mounts to boating lessons.
  • Additional Photo Galleries – Display photos dedicated just to shark fishing, boat tours or any of your specialties.
  • Favorite Local Links – Links to interesting local business websites. Swap links with local businesses to boost SEO.