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Surfing Gator, Florida’s Boating Guide & Directory since 2006, Now Specializes in Website Design and Internet Presence Management for Florida Boat Charters
We Specialize in Helping Fishing Charter Captains!

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Website design for Florida fishing charters and boat charters

Professional Website Design and Internet Management Services
for Charter Boat Captains!

We Specialize in Fishing Charters! All Inclusive!
One Low Monthly Rate! No Startup Fees! No Hidden Charges!

Charter Boat Captains!
For Less than the Price of a Charter, You Can Stay Busy All Month Long.

We Handle Everything Your Fishing Charter Business needs to Succeed on the Internet.
Website Design, Website Hosting, Updates,
Google Maps, Google Ads, Social Media, Reviews, Videos, SEO, Website Content, Email & More!

Complete Internet Management
for Charter Boat Captains
(No Set-Up Fee)
(Includes Google Ads Management)

Google Ads Management Only
(No Set-Up Fee)

We Get Results!
Just Ask our Captains!
They’re Our Success Stories!

Give ANY of our charter captains a call. They are listed on the right. Their phone numbers are on their websites. Talk to them captain to captain. They will gladly tell you their opinion of us.

Here’s what we do for our
 Charter Boat Captains:

Website Design - We custom design and build your Main website (for computers and laptops) and your Mobile website (for phones).

Website Hosting - No need to pay another company for monthly hosting. Hosting is included. (Hosting is the service that keeps your website online for the whole world to see)

Website Content - All you have to do is supply the pictures and we write the content. All of it! We’ll pick your brain for details about you, your boat, the trips you offer, the species you target and more but we’ll do the writing for you. We’re not just website designers and content writers. We love fishing too!

Website Updates - We make all edits and updates for you including price changes, boat changes, adding new photos, new original pages and even seasonal promotions.

Google Maps - We make sure your charter boat business is properly set up on the very important Google My Business (formerly Google places) and Google Maps for businesses.

Google Ads - We’ll professionally manage your Google Ads advertising campaigns. Smartly managed online advertising can be an important part of an overall marketing strategy. You decide how much you want to spend. How much you spend on online advertising does not affect our monthly fee.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - Includes a wide variety of techniques, all designed to raise your website’s search engine rankings. SEO includes adding relevant content to your website, proper keyword placement in content and code, and adding backlinks to your website from other related websites that help increase your website rankings.

Social Media - We make sure you’re properly set up on any social media you care to make posts on including Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Then we cross link and promote your social media within your website.

Reviews - We make sure you’re properly set up on the major review websites like TripAdvisor and Yelp. We promote your good reviews on your website and will professionally write responses to any bad reviews you may receive.

Videos - We can place videos on your website and assist you with YouTube.

Email - We will provide you with personalized email accounts such as

And whatever new comes along! One thing is for sure on the internet. There’s always something new coming along! Whatever it is, we will incorporate these new features into our overall website management service.

What do we charge?
One all inclusive, flat rate of only $200/month.
No start up charge. No hidden charges.

Is there a contract?
No! Our website management services are month to month. You only stay and pay for as long as you are happy with us.

We will have your new website up and running within the first month. After that we will continue to add pages and updates to your website and work on all the features described above for as long as it takes to get your business where it needs to be. Then we will continue to update and upgrade your website and work on all these features to KEEP your website competitive.

Just Ask our Captains!
Give ANY of our charter captains a call. They are listed on the right. Their phone numbers are on their websites. Tell them who you are and talk to them captain to captain. They will gladly tell you their opinion of us. Then give us a call.
We’d love to have you on board!

Thanks for considering us,
Surfing Gator
Tavares, Florida
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It’s Not Just About a Pretty Website!
Designing and Managing your website is only the beginning! We also manage your SEO (search engine optimization), Google Maps, Google Ads, Google My Business, TripAdvisor and Yelp Accounts. We provide Website Hosting, Original Content Writing, Email Accounts, Website Changes, Updates and Seasonal Promotions. We can even set you up with Social Media accounts such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Whatever comes along, we’re there for you! If necessary we’ll even write responses to any bad reviews you may receive.
All for one flat monthly rate!

Of course your website has to have a great design!
Your website should stand out and grab a visitor’s attention immediately with smart use of pictures, interesting and easy to find information and most of all your website has to provide everything a visitor needs to make a decision right then and there. The last thing you want is to go through all the trouble and expense of getting someone who’s shopping for a boat charter to visit your website only to have them leave because they didn’t find everything they’re looking for. That’s called a “bounce” in the web business. Getting them to call you once they’ve found your website is called a “conversion”.

Conversions Matter! Big Time!
You’ve heard the expression, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink”? Baloney! In the charter boat website design and management business, you BETTER learn how to make them drink. At least a healthy percentage of them. Yes, it’s a numbers game and no one turns every website visitor into a phone call or every phone call into a booking, but your website design guy better know his business and equally important he better know YOUR business. If not, the numbers simply won’t work and your fishing charter or boat charter business won’t make it no matter how many clicks you get to your website.

Why We Work for Boat Captains
After over 20 years in the website design business, we are now dedicated to managing websites for charter boat captains, particularly Florida fishing charter boat captains.
Why Charter Boat Captains?
Since 1998, we’ve designed and maintained websites for all kinds of businesses including hotels, restaurants, insurance agencies, contractors, engineers, dentists, even a city ballet! We’ve learned that every type of business has it’s own unique demands and requirements to be competitive on the internet. It’s insane trying to keep up with so many types of business’s needs on the internet especially when you’re just a two person operation. (myself and my lovely but very internet and computer savvy wife)
Of all the website design clients we’ve worked for, boat charter captains are the best! There’s no one else we want to work for. Maybe it’s because we’re from Louisiana where almost everyone we knew fished or owned a boat and where we lived until Hurricane Katrina blew us here to Florida. Or maybe it’s because charter boat captains are just small business owners like ourselves who love what they do and working for themselves. Whatever the reason, in the 20 plus years we’ve been in the website design business, there’s no group of people we’ve enjoyed working for more than charter boat captains. And that’s where we are today. So if you’re not a charter boat captain, don’t bother to call us. We’re not interested. If you are a charter boat captain, especially a fishing charter boat captain, give us a call. We Will Fight For You!

Warren & Robbie Roche
Surfing Gator
Tavares, Florida
Call or Text: 352-978-2135



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